Friday, August 19, 2011

"New York City, 1977. There’s turmoil within the Colombo Crime Family as the Boss Nicky “The Old Man” Rosselli survives a hit by an unknown assailant. An up and coming mafioso Carmine Santorelli is called upon to enforce justice on the guilty party…but did he really get his man? Join the Family as Carmine and his crew navigate the treacherous waters of the New York underworld…."

So begins "This Thing of Ours". Written and produced by Scott Spaulding, this delicious crime family saga is delivered in the gritty tradition of those wonderful old Radio Serials of yesteryear.

The show features Joe Rodriguez (that's ME!) as Carmine Santorelli as well as David Collins-Rivera as Joey “8-Ball” Scarfidi, Scott Larson as Angelo Narducci, Matthew Boudreau as Jimmy O'Connor, Jim Patton as Vincenzo Catalano and the author himself, Scott Spaulding as Stevie "Cakes" DeMeo. In addition, Ben Blankenship is our intrepid announcer.

Working on this show with such a talented writer / producer and all the other talented voice actors in this show, has been an amazing learning experience for me and I am positively thrilled at how this first episode turned out.

Why don't you give "This Thing of Ours" a listen and let me know what you think?