Friday, April 13, 2007

Books and stuff

Taking Steps to Become a VO Actor

Here's some of the stuff I have done or am doing to move forward as a voice actor.

OK, I took a class with Pamela Lewis Pamela Lewis for Cartoon Character / ADR in 2005. She's the author of Talking Funny for Money : An Introduction to the Cartoon/Character/Looping Area of Voice-Overs. I highly recommend her book and class if Cartoon Character work is of interest to you. I also have taken the cartoon/character intensive class at the Edge studio with Paul Liberti which was very good. I am currently taking the Advanced Voiceovers class at Actor's Connection with J.J. Adler which starts ends week.

Harlan Hogan has some fantastic information regarding VO coaches on his site.

Some of the people on this list that have been recommended to me are Joan Baker Author of Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It (which I am currently reading) , Wendy Dillon and of course, the Edge Studio.

Harlan also has a fantastic list of books that you may want to take a look at. The books written by him are really great and very funny. I highly recommend Pamela Lewis' book which I mentioned above, and The Art of Voice Acting, The Craft and Business of Performing for Voice-Over by James R. Alburger. You can take a look at my list of books a couple of posts down from this one.

There is a wonderful message board called the VO-BB which is run by a professional VO people and has many, many full-time professional voiceover people on board who love to share tips, information and bust each others chops. It's a great group of people that you should get to know.

There is an acting podcast you should listen to created by Darbi Worley and Roz Coleman at where they interview people from all areas of the entertainment business including voiceover casting people and actors. In Episode 22 bonus is an they interview with Joan Baker, In episode 18 they interview Johnna Gottlieb, a VO coach and consultant, In episode 6 they interview J.J. Adler, an agent at Abrams Artists and VO teacher. This is all great stuff too.

I hope the information I've provided is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any additional help and good luck!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Masterful Minimalist Acting

I've just come from seeing a most amazing film called "The Lives of Others". The film is in German with English sub-titles but that does not take away from the dramatic impact of this piece at all. This film has no shootouts, no wild chases and no explosions but kept me completely engrossed for the entire 137 minutes.

I was absolutely blown away by Ulrich Mühe who plays the role of Captain Wiesler, a state interrogator, teacher and surveillance expert. Watching this gifted actor's performance is truly an education. To witness the character arc as he goes from loyal Police Captain to what is essentially a disloyal criminal of the state, is an incredible minimalist masterpiece. Every emotion, every nuance, comes across on his face and that is were the all the magic happens. One reviewer said "it's like watching someone being born".

OK, it's not really voiceover related, but I highly recommend this movie for any serious student of film acting. You will definitely learn something watching this man perform.