Sunday, April 01, 2007

Masterful Minimalist Acting

I've just come from seeing a most amazing film called "The Lives of Others". The film is in German with English sub-titles but that does not take away from the dramatic impact of this piece at all. This film has no shootouts, no wild chases and no explosions but kept me completely engrossed for the entire 137 minutes.

I was absolutely blown away by Ulrich Mühe who plays the role of Captain Wiesler, a state interrogator, teacher and surveillance expert. Watching this gifted actor's performance is truly an education. To witness the character arc as he goes from loyal Police Captain to what is essentially a disloyal criminal of the state, is an incredible minimalist masterpiece. Every emotion, every nuance, comes across on his face and that is were the all the magic happens. One reviewer said "it's like watching someone being born".

OK, it's not really voiceover related, but I highly recommend this movie for any serious student of film acting. You will definitely learn something watching this man perform.

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