Saturday, April 12, 2008

Audioconnell Unveils New International Talent Roster

I just saw the news that my friend Peter O'Connell has launched his new International Talent roster. Here is an excerpt from his Media Release:

It was announced today that professional voice talent company audio’connell Voice Over Talent has launched its international voice casting service via the web at

“We’ve been offering this service for years through a select group of international voice talents we’ve gathered based on client requests but we’d never sat down and organized it for the web until now,” said audio’connell Voice Over Talent president and voice talent Peter K. O’Connell. more . . .

I am very proud to be listed on Peter's roster in the Spanish Male category.

Peter, my heartfelt congratulations to you and all the talented folks on your roster. I wish you (and me) much success!!

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Peter O'Connell said...

Hi Joe:

Thanks for participating and sharing your great talent with audio'connell Voice Over Talent.

I hope its a successful venture for our clients, you and me.

Best always,
- Peter