Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Successful Call-Back!

Last time, I talked about an audition I went on for an upcoming production of Jekyll & Hyde. Well I got a call-back!

I arrived about 7:30 today and signed in. I sat around and waited, making small talk with the other nervous actors there. As my nerves started kicking in and I began pacing around. I looked around for other guys in my age category and surreptitiously tried to see what sides they were reading. Where any of them competing with me for the role of the Bishop? I couldn't really tell. It was a nerve-wracking 10 minutes.

Then they started calling people into the theater by role. "Lucy's! Any Lucy's out here? They want you inside". "OK, Emmas, you, your an Emma? OK, go inside now"

And on it went. I sat and waited, paced and waited, fretted and waited.

In the meantime, the musical director came out, set up a piano and started going over musical sides by roles as well. First this group, then that one. I asked about my role. "Any music for The Bishop?" I asked. "Oh, uh . . . wait a second, I'll be right back" and off she went.

My nerves started affecting my stomach, so I went to the bathroom, sat on a throne and rehearsed the 3 lines in the acting sides I'd been given. As I am sitting there, I hear the door open and three people chatting excitedly enter the bathroom only the voices are . . . female! Holy crap, I went into the wrong bathroom!

You ever go out in your backyard and see a rabbit? When they spot you, they stop and stay very, very still, trying their damnedest to become invisible. When I heard those three girls enter the bathroom, one of them in the stall next to mine, I immediately did the best rabbit act I could. I froze solid and remained silent and still. Thankfully, the rabbit tactic worked and they didn't notice me. After a short while, which to me seemed an eternity, they left, all giggles and enthusiasm. Needless to say, I then employed rabbit tactic #2 - I bolted!

Back in the waiting area, I tried to calm down and look professional. I'd survived the bathroom faux pas and now all I had to do was read my 3 lines and sing the song that I'd not yet received any music for. Piece of cake!

As I sat there, I watched the other actors. Many of them had apparently worked together on other shows so there was a quite a bit of gossip and camaraderie going on. I felt a little excluded since this would be my first real show. Oh, I did a show about two years ago called "Little Shop of Horrors", but that was mostly just my voice. I played the voice of the plant. If I land the role of the Bishop in this show, I stand a pretty good chance of actually getting on stage!

So I set myself to the task of waiting again. The musical director was at this point working out a four part harmony with about eight people who I assume had already been cast. The director comes out of the theater and wants to hear how the harmony practice is going. He's listening carefully to all the singers then suddenly he points at me and says "You're in this piece too you know".

SAY WHAT! "She never told me" I spluttered, "I didn't know, I've been waiting for her to get to me" and so on. The director smiles and says "I know, I know. It's fine"

After listening to the results of the harmony practice, the director looks around the waiting area. He points at certain people around the room and says "OK, you're done, and you and let's see . . ." He then turns to me and says "and you, you're done for tonight." He turns away and goes off to smoke a cigarette. I stand there for a moment with what I can only imagine to be a most bewildered expression on my face.

Well I was somewhat confused to say the least. After all, I hadn't read my 3 lines yet nor sang my as yet to be located musical piece yet. How can I be done?

So I stood there looking around rather stupidly and then I notice the director outside the glass doors, smoking his cigarette and pointing in my general direction. Several people around me are pointing at their chests mouthing "me? . . . who me?". Suddenly I realize it's me he's pointing at, so I go outside to see if perhaps he wants me to speak or sing or something, after all.

"I told you that you were done for the night because I've already decided to cast you . . . you're my Bishop". I stared at him uncomprehendingly. "When you came in the other day and sang, I was so thrilled that I decided right then" he said. "Oh, uh . . . thank you" as the realization slowly dawned on me, "Thank you so much!" I replied. Holy cow, I've been cast! I've just had my first successful call-back! And to think, all I'd had to do was wait, and wait, and wait a bit more. That wasn't so tough! What have I been so afraid of all these years?

So I have been cast in the role of The Bishop in the upcoming production of the The Villagers Theater production of Jekyll and Hyde. The show dates are November 7 - 23, 2008 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I hope if you are in the area, you'll come by and see the show.

I get killed at the end of the first act! Hoo haaaa!


Peter O'Connell said...

Congrats on the gig but the bathroom story is the one I'll remember...priceless and kudos to you for having the guts to call yourself out on it.

Best always,
- Peter

Liz de Nesnera said...

That's AWESOME!!!!

BIG w00t!!!!



Arlene said...

That is awesome. Have a great and fun rehearsal period and very, very easy tech!

Arlene Kahn