Friday, March 13, 2009

What is a voiceover?

The Apple corporation is releasing an iPod shuffle that will announce song titles between each recording.  It is supposed to be able to announce the song in numerous languages.  This story came out a few recently and people in the voiceover community felt an opportunity had arisen to provide those announcements.

But wait!

It turns out that the announcements are going to be a synthetic voice!

So what does that mean for us in the voiceover community?  Are robots and computers going to take over the industry?

I be a monkeys uncle if a machine can ever be what a true voiceover actor can be.  In an industry where the watchword is "no announcer" because the want that "human touch", how can a machine possibly deliver?

And although they are using the term "voiceover" for this synthetic speech on the new iPod, a voiceover will always mean a human being, in front of a microphone, acting his or her butt off for their client.

What do you think?

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