Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Thing of Ours

This Thing of Ours

Since I was thinking about it just now, I thought I'd post a little invitation for anybody who cares and any fans of old time radio style audio dramas to give a listen to "This Thing of Ours".

It's the story of life in the Mafia a-la GoodFellas or Casino.  Set in New York City in the 70s.  Here's a description from the author.

New York City, 1977.  There’s turmoil within the Colombo Crime Family as the Boss Nicky “The Old Man” Rosselli survives a hit by an unknown assailant.  An up and coming mafioso Carmine Santorelli is called upon to enforce justice on the guilty party…but did he really get his man?  Join the Family as Carmine and his crew navigate the treacherous waters of the New York underworld…

I play the role of Carmine Santorelli, one of the nefarious under-bosses.

So check it out!  Visit and join "the family"!


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