Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What's in a name?

When I initially thought about making money on the internet, I thought I'd start an eBay business. Right away, I figured I'd buy a domain and set up a website to promote the business. I wanted to name the site something that would be cool yet could be an actual business name. I settled on SereniteBiz in honor of my granddaughter Serenity, and what I intended the site to be, an eBusiness.

The eBay thing cooled off.

When I embarked on my voiceover career. Rather than think up a cool new name for my Voice Acting website, I just recycled Well, the site has been up for a while and it has been duly crawled by various bots and such. I am actually in the #1 position in Google if someone searches for Bilingual Voiceover Actor!

As is the usual course of things, my SereniteBiz domain name came up for renewal. I started thinking that perhaps I should buy a domain that actually sounds like it has something to do with Voiceovers and Acting, thus the birth of I just bought the domain today and I want to spruce up the old site before I actually launch it. I am hoping that it will be far more successful than and hopefully, this blog will help too.

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