Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The King is in Critical

My voiceover hero, Don LaFontaine, the undisputed king of Movie Trailers and Promos is in critical condition. First reported by Rick Party on VoiceoverUniverse, here is a missive from The Don's beloved wife Nita.

Dear friends and family,

I need you help and I'm reaching out to all of you. My wonderful husband is in critical condition at Cedar Sinai hospital; a blood clot is lodged in his lung and he is fighting for his life. This happened on Saturday after I'd taken him in for shortness of breath on Friday. He was doing very well and I left him talking and being funny on Friday evening. Without all the details, I got a call on Saturday morning as I was heading there to visit. There has been some lovely improvement yesterday but he is very sick right now. We need your concentrated prayers! Have your churches synagogues, temples send out prayers for Don's healing and wellness. Light a candle, chant, whatever you do to send that loving energy and light to him, I would appreciate. And save a little for the girls and me. We have had small miracles already and if we all shout up to God collectively, I know how powerful that can be. He is fighting and we all are fighting with him. He is strong and is a warrior so I thank you in advance for your prayers, good wishes and kindness on behalf of my family.

With a hopeful heart,

Nita and family

I hope you will join me in sending all good vibes and prayers to Don, Nita and their family in this time of need. Don, I pray you have a complete and speedy recovery.

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