Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Audiobook Adventure - Day 2 Continued

Well, it's been almost three weeks since I finished that audiobook and I neglected to come here and finish the story. My apologies to all my loyal reader out there, yes all one of you, who've been waiting to learn about my exploits.

So day 3 began right where we left off on day two. Since I was already an old pro at this audiobook thing, my engineer and I dispensed with the niceties and went right to work. Time is money in the audiobook game and we weren't about to waste any.

From the minute I started reading, I knew that today was different. Yesterday I'd felt nervous, hesitant. Especially during that first chapter and probably into the second. Today, I started reading and just got right into the flow. It felt good and according to my engineer, it sounded good. We worked through the morning and when it got to lunch time, I knew that we'd be finished early.

Originally, I'd been booked for 3 days of work on this book. I knew that today, my second day, would see the end of this particular job.

When we got back from lunch, we once again, jumped right into it. The story moved along to it's inevitable conclusion at about 2:00 pm. A day and a couple of hours ahead of schedule. I'd completed my first audiobook!

Well, almost . . .

My engineer had suggested that If I liked, I could go back and re-read the first chapter just because by the end I'd really gotten into a good flow which probably didn't exist in the beginning, so we did just that. Although he'd told me that he'd listened back to the first chapter and felt it was pretty consistent with the later stuff, after I re-recorded the first chapter, he agreed that it was much better than the first time through.

So according to my contract, they can call me in for up to 2 additional pick up sessions. I have not yet been called about any pick ups so we'll see how that goes.

In my opinion, the story I read was a good one. It had many interesting characters in it including two young urban boys, an Irishman, a Russian gentleman, some Noo Yawkizz (New Yorkers), and various other men, women and children. It was quite an interesting challenge for my acting ability and I can only hope that I did it justice. My only comment is that I wanted there to be more. The book was not a very long one and the stories of the characters involved seemed unresolved to me. I want to learn more about these people. I guess I grew to like them while reading their story and that affection wants me to learn more about them. What happens next.

Also, if there are sequels to this book or if it becomes a serial novel, I'd love to keep doing the audiobooks for it since I've gotten to know these guys and appreciate them.

Also, I can use the moolah!

I recently read an interesting article which I learned about from my friend Karen Commins who I follow on Twitter. It was about the interesting choices that audiobook publishers make during casting and the sometimes less than stellar results.

I hope that the good people at don't feel they made a bad call when they cast me for this book and I really hope that the listeners of this piece enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading it.

I look forward to working with my friends at again, very very soon.

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