Sunday, October 05, 2008

Don't you just love repeat business?

Well, I got my first repeat client and all I can say is God please send me more of those!

The first time this client hired me, it was for a very small job. Not a lot of pay but it was a new client so I did the job to the best of my ability. It involved some translation work and voicing the job in Spanish.

Everything cool.

So the client comes back recently and says he's got a job but my prices are too high. I say hey, if your working within a budget, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

I don't hear from the client for a couple of weeks. Then he comes back to me and says not only does he want me but he needs a second voice for the job as well, since it's an e-Learning piece with two guys.

So I recommended my friend and colleague, Jean-Marc Berne who I know to be a talented voice actor, singer and musician. My client likes us both and books us for the gig.

The only issue? The budget.

My client tells us he's got a certain amount budgeted for the job and after Jean-Marc and I look at it, we figure this job is worth more than the quote. So we go back to the client and explain that due to the complexity of the job, and so forth, we felt it was worth more. The client agrees with us but his client has to approve the new budget.

So my client goes to his client and makes our proposal. He then comes back to us and says not only did we book the job, we booked it for more than we'd asked! I an can tell you right now that this gig is paying many times what that first one did.

So Jean-Marc and I did our respective parts in our respective studios and delivered the files to the client. I haven't heard anything from the client so I guess their happy with the job.

I just love repeat business.


Anonymous said...

You booked it for more than you asked??? May I have your client's phone number? LOL!

I agree with you about repeat business. A significant portion of my work comes from recurring clients.

You can book a nice gig, then get your money and bye, bye... That's ok, but sometimes it's better (at least for me) to build strong and long-lasting business relationships.

Felicitaciones Joe y hasta pronto!

Jorge Velasco said...

Ooops, that comment wasn't supossed to be anonymous, sorry! ;)

Tom said...

The only thing more satisfying than getting hired by a client is when that client comes back for more! It's very affirming when that happens. Congrats!